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December 24th, 2012, 04:12:34 Beaker

This is basically an adaptation of Mark Sisson’s “Shanks-a-lot, Bruce” recipe with a couple of additions.

You’re going to be disappointed.  Why?  Because I don’t measure when I cook. I’ll tell you what I remember as accurately as I can.  I’ve made this several times and it always turns out the same way, so…

This is something I make in a pressure cooker, so after the initial browning and combining of ingredients, it only takes about 45 minutes.

Beef shank & coconut curry

Here we go:

  1. Buy some organic, grass-fed beef shanks. This meat shrinks up quite a bit when slow-cooked so depending on how many you’re feeding, you might want to start with about 1/2 (including the bone with marrow) each per person.
  2. In the pressure cooker or heavy cast-iron/ceramic lined cooker, heat some coconut oil
  3. Season the shanks with salt/pepper and then brown them off  (you may need to do 1-2 at a time) and then set aside, covered to keep warm.  You’re really just trying to get a sear/crust on the meat.
  4. When that’s done, take about 1-1 1/2 teaspoons of the following spices, lower the heat and “toast” in the fat/oil from the meat: cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, allspice, red chili flakes, cardamom, bay leaf (whole,) and ginger.  Scrape up any bits as you can off the bottom of the pan until it gets very aromatic and all the oil is mostly absorbed
  5. Take a bit of wine (red/white…doesn’t matter) and deglaze the pan just to free up what’s left of the sticky bits
  6. Take some mirepoix (I like the Trader Joes plastic containers (2) or Whole Foods — or make your own) of onion, celery, carrots and stir them in, coating the veges in the spices.
  7. At this point, I take the warmer meat, and chop it into pieces slightly larger than I’d be able to eat on a bite…throw the meat and the bones with the marrow back in the pressure cooker.
  8. Add chopped sweet potato (raw,) and butternut squash (raw) into the pot.
  9. Add a can of whole fat coconut milk.
  10. Stir it all up.
  11. Cover it all with organic, low sodium beef, chicken or vege broth (I use beef)
  12. Put the lid on the pressure cooker, up to medium-high.  Bring up to pressure, let it cook at high pressure for 15 minutes.
  13. Lower the heat to medium-low and let it simmer for 30 minutes or so.
  14. Take off the heat, de-pressurize it and then give it a peek to make sure the sweet potato/squash is cooked.
  15. At this point you can add some zucchini and/or other veges you like that cook quickly…put the lid back on with very low heat to simmer if you like.

I serve this with some madras curried cauliflower & sauerkraut from Wildbrine that I purchased at Whole foods…I’m going to make my own version of that shortly.

Hope you like it.


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